Why Simply Gold?

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Warum Simply Gold?
The idea for the online shop came about in 2018, when I was looking for appealing, trendy, yet timeless real jewellery and was disappointed by most jewellers. Many jewellers who at the time only had real jewellery (silver, gold, platinum, precious stones...) in their range have switched to gold-plated or stainless steel jewellery/fashion jewellery. There are certainly many reasons for this development. On the one hand, the price of gold has increased over the decades (or to put it more correctly, the value of money has deteriorated compared to gold, i.e. you have to pay more and more Euros for a real piece of jewellery). On the other hand, there is of course a brand trend that many young people follow. But fashions change and after only a few years these trendy pieces are practically worthless. Gold-plated jewellery is often shabby after just a few wears; who do I have to tell? For me, sustainability and quality are important; fashion jewellery is simply out of the question. So I didn't really find what I was looking for, except in a few online shops that are not in the EU. I thought to myself: "Surely I'm not the only one looking, there must be others like me". From my passion for gold jewellery, I then developed a business idea and went in search of suitable suppliers and found what I was looking for in Europe. This was followed by the selection of jewellery pieces that could be combined well, that had a trendy yet eternal character. I had a lot of fun shooting with the local models with a professional photographer. You can see for yourselves what came out of it. The focus is on the woman, young or old, who feels beautiful every day and wants to express this.